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Original ARVN South Vietnam TDND 3th Certificated Document Paper

Original ARVN South Vietnam TDND 3th Certificated Document Paper

ARVN SVN TDND 3th Certificated Document Paper to soilder name " Nguyen - Tieu " 

about corner paper has broken small straight line ar final photo show in used condition

VietnamCongHoa/Army of the Republic of Vietnam parachute

3rd Battalion Parachute Badge on paper logo

certification number : 1193/3rd battalion para/GBC

Personal papers are allowed to the national order Medal

Major " Tran Quoc Lich " Small Captain 3rd battalion para

corporal certification " Nguyen Tieu " Troop number :60/205.068 

contribute to fighting in fierce battles that the battalion was repeatedly commended for its merits in front of the army. and the glorious achievements on the 3rd parachute battalion were honored with colored the National Order Medals.

This certificate allows you to carry a badge,strictly comply with the provisions of the circular no: 7/QP/CH. suggestions date on Jan 20th 1953 of the minister of defense and promulgate Decree No:086/QP/ND .2nd suggestions date on Feb 6th 1967 of the minister defense .

Signed Date on October 25th 1967

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