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MACV's F5 Aviation RVNAF-F5s Pilot Recon Fighter Black Suite

MACV's F5 Aviation RVNAF-F5s Pilot Recon Fighter Black Suite

Size small for vietnamese 

Used Damage condition ! Zipper part too old to be used a long time ago. u need to fill the oil into zipper move fast as well. i am not sure that will not any holes but my eyes didnt see any hole place

short story :

On 19 June 1963 the USAF 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron equipped with 23 O-1 Bird Dogs and 44 pilots was activated at Bien Hoa AB, with the aim of training RVNAF pilots and observers as Forward air controllers (FACs). USAF planners thought originally that the training could be done in one year. However, unforeseen problems, such as the RVNAF practice of siphoning off pilots into fighter squadrons and their penchant for standing back and letting the Americans fly many of the combat missions, slowed the RVNAF's progress toward self-sufficiency. When the squadron was turned over to the RVNAF after one year, they were unable to assume the controller role; and by January 1965, the squadron was back in USAF hands.

In September 1963 the USAF opened a training center at Nha Trang AB equipped with L-19s. RVNAF flight crews would undergo 1 month of preflight training followed by 3 months of primary flight training with a total of 80 flying hours.

In October 1963 the 815th Fighter Squadron was activated at Bien Hoa AB 

USAF advisors were turning from expanding to modernizing the RVNAF. Plans were taking shape in December for modernization over the next three years. Two of the six fighter squadrons would gradually convert to F-5s.The expansion and effectiveness of the RVNAF was hampered by numerous factors. Its commander, Prime Minister Ky, pulled his best people with him into the government,

In 1966 , MACV's Attempts by the USAF to wean the ARVN off reliance on USAF FACs were making slow progress. ARVN commanders seldom trusted the RVNAF and wanted USAF FACs who could command jet fighters rather than their own controllers who could not. In many ways they were justified, as the RVNAF controllers were slow in mastering the techniques of strike control and visual reconnaissance

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