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Cycle JoyStick Helicopter Uh-1 Iroquois Assembly model 204

Cycle JoyStick Helicopter Uh-1 Iroquois Assembly model 204

Bell Huey Helicopter US AirCraft Uh-1 Iroquois Bell Grip Assembly Bell designed its Model 204 in United States Army requirement for a utility helicopter. the 204 was a giant step forward in helicopter design, being one of the first to be powered by a turboshaft. The turboshaft engine radically improved the practicality of the helicopter due to its light weight and high power-to-weight ratio, lower fuel consumption, and lower maintenance and operating costs

Bell 204– Civil or military utility transport helicopter, derived from the UH-1B. Powered by a T53, max weight was 8,500 lbs, max passengers, ten

Bell Helicopter's company designation of the UH-1.Cycle Green Aviations with joystick model 204-001-362-3 and part unit number : 204-001-357-5 and Date on :august -22-1969 circle of tube number : 204-001-345-001

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